I was highly impressed by Charity, she was a shining example of how a carer should be

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Charitable Arm
Charitable Arm

St Bridget's believe in the importance of giving something back and have been working in a caring profession since 1977.

St Bridget’s is a family owned and run business. Initially founded in 1977 to provide care for the elderly in the care homes, St Bridget’s has been successfully expanded over the years and today has a group of companies providing residential care, specialist care in the community, and a private ambulance service.

We are proud that our charitable support and participation in local fundraising events has made a difference to the lives of people less fortunate, especially children, and we are keen to expand this important arm to our business.

Our good work to date includes the following:-

  • Supplying a new roof to a school in a poor rural community in North West Thailand
  • Donated £900 to The Cardiac Children’s Foundation of Thailand; a specialist children’s hospital based in Bankok, Thailand
  • Raised money for Royal Bournemouth Hospital under their ‘donate an apple’ campaign, obtaining two apples to date.
  • Monthly donation to Christian Aid

Check out our newsroom for forthcoming fund-raising events. here

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